Intelligent tray supports 384 fibers in 4U

RiT Technologies' new tray holds 16 LC or LC-MPO cassettes, each of which has 24 fibers.

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RiT Technologies recently introduced an intelligent, 4U fiber-optic cabling tray that features high-density connectivity. RiT's 4U fiber tray supports 16 LC or LC-MPO cassettes, each with 12 LC duplex adapters (24 fibers) - for a total capacity of 384 fibers. Additionally, the chassis features back-panel MPO connections, which RiT points out facilitate efficiency and reduce installation time.

The company explains, "The intelligence of RiT's advanced fiber-optic tray works simultaneously on three levels: cassette, port and end-device. The system identifies each cassette separately and keeps track of its physical location in one of the tray's 16 slots. In addition, the system's auto discovery determines which fibers are connected with which IP-based end devices, and maintains the information in an accurate database."

RiT says the addition of this new product has already contributed to it winning data center projects. "Recently," the company notes, "a data center customer was impressed by the tray's ability to manage such a high number of ports in just 4U of rack space, and by the design of the front tray, whose fiber-management clips maintain order among multiple jumpers. Through the use of the intelligent trays in combination with the RiT PatchView solution, the customer eliminated the need for manual documentation of the fiber-optic channels, saving many hours which could have been devoted to the tedious task of tracking, marking and documenting each jumper." xxx

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