Angled patch panels for shielded, unshielded Cat 6A

Jan. 8, 2010
The panel is designed to facilitate high-density patch cord routing without the need for additional rack-mount cable management.

Siemon recently launched an angled version of the Z-Max modular patch panel. Designed to support both shielded and unshielded versions of the company’s 10-Gb/s Z-Max 6A network cabling solution, the new panels meet or exceed all 10GBase-T and Category 6A/Class EA performance requirements. The UTP angled Z-Max panels can be used with Category 6 UTP Z-Max panel outlets and preterminated trunking assemblies.

Available in 48-port 1U and 24-port 1U versions, the new angled-configuration panel allows users to route patch cords directly into vertical cable managers, eliminating the need for additional horizontal cable managers and thereby saving rack space. Siemon says this ability not only provides increased density, but also offers more aesthetically appealing patch-cord management.

Like their flat counterparts, the angled Z-Max panels feature a unique modular Quick-Snap panel design that allows outlets to be snapped into place or removed quickly to speed initial deployment as well as moves/adds/changes. Using the patent-pending Z-Tool, both shielded and unshielded Z-Max panel outlets can be terminated in as little as 60 seconds including cable preparation, as Siemon demonstrates on video. The terminated outlets can then be snapped into the panel.

According to Siemon, the Z-Max panel’s Quick-Snap design also makes it ideal for use with the company’s preterminated Z-Max trunking cable assemblies. The trunks, which come with Category 6 or 6A, shielded or unshielded Z-Max panel outlets, are custom-configured to customer need allowing quick deployment of permanent links. Siemon says this exact-fit approach, combined with the panel design, reduces installation time by up to 75 percent compared to individually field-terminated channels.

“By consolidating multiple cabling channels, Siemon trunking cable assemblies also improve cable management and pathway space utilization in raised-floor or overhead cable tray as well as eliminating on-site scrap, which makes for a greener installation,” the company says. “All scrap from the factory termination process is 100 percent recycled as part of Siemon’s zero-landfill commitment to the environment.”

Z-Max 6A shielded panels feature Siemon’s integrated Quick Ground technology, which automatically grounds shielded modules to the panel upon insertion, eliminating additional outlet grounding steps. Shielded and unshielded Z-Max panels are available as complete kits including patch panel, Z-Max panel outlets, and all necessary accessories. Empty panels are also available for use with Z-Max preterminated trunking cable assemblies.

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