Monitoring and visibility system for edge data centers includes live video

July 16, 2019
RF Code for Edge includes global mapping, real-time monitoring, and live video, promising scalability and visibility for edge deployments.

RF Code recently introduced RF Code for Edge, which the company describes as “a complete solution for edge data centers, featuring full-time visibility and analytics for these vital facilities.”

“The optimal digital space of the future—be it a store, a hospital, an airport, a campus, or any other place that we work, play or live—requires a next-generation edge IT infrastructure,” said Richard Villars, vice president for data center and cloud with market research and analyst firm IDC. “The deployment and ongoing maintenance of all edge IT assets must be centrally controlled and automated, so organizations can manage fleets of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of IT assets in locations around the country or the globe.”

RF Code for Edge “provides real-time insight and control over operational risks, costs, and compliance, with advanced security features including live video, which monitors security breaches and also has the ability to record events to prevent issues from reoccurring,” RF Code pointed out. “All of these features provide the edge data center operator peace of mind without reliance on the network and power.”

The company noted that RF Code for Edge offers the following features.

  • Real-time camera monitoring to prevent security breaches and to record video and correlate recordings to events or alerts after the fact, enhancing problem determination and ensuring improving time-to-recovery
  • Continuous granular visibility into environmental conditions of unmanned and lights-out locations, with temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Real-time, automated asset tracking and protection
  • Voltage/AC power sensors to determine whether the AC power going into equipment has been interrupted
  • Power consumption and trend monitoring of PDUs
  • Advanced reporting in highly distributed and difficult-to-monitor facilities

The company prides itself and its systems on their ease of use, accuracy to the rack level, and round-the-clock operation. RF Code says its edge solution “provides reporting and accountability for compliance with regulations and service level agreements, to provide visibility into what is happening in these vital facilities.”

RF Code’s chief executive officer Dale Quayle concluded, “Edge Manager is a vital tool for owners and operators of edge facilities. If you’ve got data on the edge, as more and more organizations do in this rapidly growing market, you need the peace of mind a comprehensive edge-management strategy, and a tool like Edge Manager, can bring to these highly distributed and difficult-to-monitor facilities.” 

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