Webinar explains why your telecom room needs a makeover

Chatsworth Products Inc.’s David Richards will deliver an online seminar explaining how to prepare for edge computing.


Did you read the article by Chatsworth Products Inc.’s David Richards in our August issue? Whether you did or didn’t, you’ll have the opportunity to hear Richards present the information in the article—and more—live during a webinar that Chatsworth Products will host on Wednesday, October 16.

Titled “Preparing for the Edge? Your Telecom Room Needs a Makeover,” the seminar will be delivered live at 11:00am EDT/8:00am PDT on October 16. Richards is Chatsworth Products’ project manager for open systems.

“It’s safe to say we’re all getting pretty familiar with the meaning of edge computing,” Chatsworth said when announcing the seminar. “But how are the rules of the traditional networking ‘game’ really changing? And, what does that mean for your business as you upgrade to deploy a telecommunications room?” The company promises to answer those and other questions in the seminar. Specifically, Chatsworth says attendees will gain insight into the following.

  • Unique considerations of edge deployments in nontraditional locations and how to make the most of limited floor space
  • How increased demand for power is driving the need to support larger, heavier equipment with new rack designs—and the benefits of intelligent power management down to the rack level
  • Innovative cable management and pathway strategies that can support mission-critical data carried through fiber-optic cable

You can register for the webinar here.

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