UL-listed transition box eases MC cable to conduit pull-throughs

April 29, 2020
RACO's Dugout box offers a quick, easy transition from flexible armored cable to conduit before entering a circuit panel.
Raco Dugout Box

RACO (South Bend, IN) has introduced its Dugout transition box, designed for pulling wires through from MC [metal clad] cable to conduit. The manufacturer says the product offers the quickest and easiest way to transition from flexible armored cable to conduit before entering a circuit panel.

Designed specifically for commercial applications, the model SC082006STRC Dugout box is a wiring trough that provides flexibility, space and labor savings for transitioning from a number of circuits in MC cables to conduit for entering a circuit breaker box.

The Dugout box features the built-in STAB-IT cable clamps, a unique design which RACO claims is field-proven to be 3x faster than traditional MC connectors. These clamps quickly and securely install flex, MC, MCI, MCI-A, HCF and AC cables. The 21 included STAB-IT clamps hold up to 42 MC cables. Four concentric knockouts are provided for connecting conduit.

The transition pull-through box ships with a surface mount cover and a ground bar for quicker termination of grounds. Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting, this new UL Listed product provides electrical contractors an effective way to reduce installation time while resulting in a cleaner installation. Designed and assembled in the USA, the RACO Dugout Box will be available by May 2020.

RACO, part of Hubbell's Commercial Construction brands, provides innovative electrical products to commercial, institutional and residential markets. Find more information at www.hubbell.com

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