Innovium counts over 1 million 400G data center ports shipped in 2020

Feb. 9, 2021
The pioneer in 50G PAM 4 and 200/400G switching says its Teralynx silicon chip technology is driving rapid industry transition to 400G connectivity for enabling the most advanced cloud and edge data centers.

Innovium, Inc., a provider of high performance switching silicon technology for cloud and edge data centers, announced that it shipped over one million 400G Teralynx switch silicon ports in 2020.

“2020 was a great year for Innovium. Demand for bandwidth accelerated across all cloud data centers driven by worldwide growth in online businesses, 'remote everything' and digitization efforts,” reported Rajiv Khemani, co-founder and CEO of Innovium. “We are delighted to have enabled cloud customers ramp their data center networks with 400G connectivity with our data center optimized and proven Teralynx switch silicon. We shipped significantly more 400G ports than system vendors, and look forward to supporting OEMs and cloud customers with our highly robust, differentiated silicon.”

Innovium says it hit the significant milestone of one million ports shipped by the rapid ramping of 400G connectivity driven by top cloud customers using its Teralynx based switches. As a pioneer in 50G PAM 4 and 200/400G switch technology, Innovium notes it has collaborated with optics and copper connectivity ecosystem providers to develop robust, scalable and power-efficient platforms to meet customers’ exploding networking needs.

“Molex has been partnering with Innovium right from the early days of  50G PAM4 technology to deliver highly robust 400G copper and optical solutions to leading cloud customers,” noted Ryan Wade, VP of Sales, Cloud at Molex. “We are excited about Innovium hitting this major milestone. Together, we are powering network build-outs for our joint customers to meet their growing bandwidth needs. We look forward to delivering higher performance solutions at better economics and power using 112G PAM4 technology with Innovium’s next-gen switch silicon.”

Based on a grounds-up design, Innovium bills its Teralynx switch family as "the only 1T - 25.6T programmable and data center optimized switch family, with support for 10G – 400G, as well as open-source SONiC OS and FLASHLIGHT telemetry. [The technology] provides the most scalable and power-efficient data center Ethernet switches, with 2x lower latency and largest on-chip buffers, resulting in the best application performance," contends the company.

“We are excited to have partnered with Innovium to help customers ramp data center networks with 400G connectivity to meet their insatiable appetite for bandwidth from drivers such as cloud native applications, AI and HPC,” said Osa Mok, chief marketing officer of Innolight Technology. “We look forward to continuing our partnership as we introduce 800G optics modules that will be used for next-generation of data center build-outs with Innovium’s 25.6T Teralynx 8.”

“We are very happy to learn about this major achievement from Innovium,” added Sean Davies, director of sales for the Americas at Eoptolink. "It is a testament to their success in helping customers scale their networks to meet their never ending demand. Eoptolink has been partnering with Innovium to build a 400G networking strategy and we are proud that together, we have helped our customers to ramp up their 400G connectivity. We are already well underway with our 800G developments and look forward to a continued partnership with Innovium supporting their Teralynx 8 platform to further improve cost per bit and power efficiency for next-generation networks."

Having quickly achieved over 20% market share in data center switches supporting 50G SerDes, Innovium maintains that its Teralynx chip "is the only credible silicon diversity option in the market."

“Network traffic from data-centric and cloud-native applications continues to grow at a rapid pace inside cloud service provider data centers, driving a continuous upgrade to higher performance switches,” concludes Sameh Boujelbene, senior research director at Dell’Oro Group. "We expect 400G adoption by cloud service providers to accelerate in 2021, resulting in a strong growth in their network spending. Innovium’s Teralynx switch silicon is designed to address such speed transition.”

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