Wiwynn brings cloud to edge data center innovations to OCP Global Summit 2021

Nov. 8, 2021
Innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider for data centers to exhibit at the OCP Global Summit 2021 (Nov. 9-10).

Wiwynn (Taipei), a provider of cloud IT infrastructure for data centers, announced it will exhibit its latest technology innovations at the OCP Global Summit 2021 (November 9-10) for its Open Compute Project (OCP) -based cloud and edge servers, in addition to the Habana OCP Accelerator Module (OAM) based Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI) platform.

At OCP, Wiwynn will also showcase what the company contends the world's first two-phase immersion cooled edge server and OAI server to address the surging power consumption and demand of low PUE in datacenters.

Wiwynn's president Dr. Sunlai Chang asserted:

"We are excited to exhibit at OCP Global Summit and demonstrate our latest developments in server, storage and high-performance OAI servers. By integrating the latest CPU platforms with cutting-edge compute acceleration, 48V DC-in, and advanced cooling technologies, our offerings bring the most optimized performance to applications from cloud to edge. We are committed to the vibrant community and will continue to innovate for workload optimization while contributing to sustainable development for the data centers."

As the major server partner for hyperscale data centers and the leading OCP Solution Provider, Wiwynn will exhibit its next-generation OCP-based 1P/2P servers using processor platforms, including x86 and ARM, to address the needs of diverse workload optimization.

Wiwynn's field-proven two-phase immersion cooling solution, designed for hyperscale data centers to save up to 90% cooling energy, will also be introduced, in response to surging power consumption and demand for low PUE in data centers.

For its edge offering, Wiwynn's OCP openEDGE based platforms, EP100 and ES200, are touted as ideal for central unit/distributed unit (CU/DU) of 5G open radio access network (RAN), MEC, 5GC software, as well as platforms for AI edge applications, such as 5G smart factories.

Considering the diverse edge environment, Wiwynn will also unveil what it calls the world's first two-phase immersion cooling edge platform, EP200, with 2000W cooling capability within a 2U height. The compact and integrated design allows edge servers such as the aforementioned ES200 to operate without AC facilities in harsh environments, while still having massive computing capability.

For AI/deep learning (DL) training, Wiwynn will showcase its latest OCP Accelerator Module (OAM) based OCP Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI) server, SV600G4. The platform is one of the Wiwynn collaborations with Habana Labs, a developer of purpose-built deep learning AI processors.

The SV600G4 integrates the server motherboard and the Universal Baseboard (UBB) that adopts the fully connected OAM architecture with 100Gb/s OAM interlink, and features eight Habana Gaudi AI training processors. In addition to air cooling, Wiwynn hA optimized the system to support liquid cooling options for high density deploymentA.

Also for the OCP event, Wiwynn announced has partnered with LiquidStack, a global data center thermal management company, to demonstrate the world's first OAI server cooled by a 2-phase liquid immersion DataTank delivering 3kW of compute power per RU.

"We are excited to collaborate with Wiwynn on the development of their high-performance OAI solution and benefit from access to solutions optimized for both air cooling and liquid cooling," said Eitan Medina, chief business officer of Habana Labs. "Habana is committed to bringing increased operational efficiencies to our data center customers. With Wiwynn's experience in cloud data centers and design capabilities in system integration, thermal and advanced cooling, their cooling innovations can be catalysts for Habana's drive to datacenter adoption of our purpose-built deep learning solutions."

In addition to its OCP booth exhibitions, Wiwynn will have speakers at the event's Expo Hall Stage Talks and Executive Tracks to present the company's "Cloud to Edge 2.0" offerings and outlook for future technology trends.

Wiwynn will also present in eight OCP engineering workshops to deep dive into topics regarding OCP Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI), DC-SCM, Open System Firmware (OSF), modular BMC, system management, immersion cooling and liquid cooling.

Learn more at Wiwynn's OCP Summit 2021 Event Page.

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