SmartZone UPS offers intelligent monitoring, battery management

April 7, 2022
Panduit’s SmartZone UPS is Energy Star-compliant and interfaces with the SmartZone Cloud Next Gen DCIM solution.
Smart Zone Ups

Panduit recently introduced the SmartZone Uninterruptible Power Supply family of products, which the company said “rings in a new era of intelligent power, delivering highly efficient and reliable power that provides protection and backup power for your computer IT equipment.” Panduit points out the UPS’s electrical performance, intelligent battery management, lifespan, enhanced intelligent monitoring, and network functions as characteristics that distinguish SmartZone from other power-supply options. The SmartZone UPS complies with Energy Star 2.0.

“The rack-mounted SmartZone UPS portfolio focuses on high reliability, density, efficiency, and secure manageability, backed by an experienced global support team,” Panduit said when introducing the product set. “This UPS range offers models with varying power ratings, configurations, and batteries to meet your specific needs. The offerings include 1-3 kVA line interactive and double conversion with a lithium-ion battery, 1-3 kVA, 5-10 kVA, and 10/15/20 kVA double conversion with a lead-acid battery.”

The UPS interfaces with Panduit’s SmartZone Cloud Next Generation DCIM solution to manage, monitor, and control power, environmental, security, connectivity, and IT assets. SmartZone Cloud collects and processes real-time data to closely oversee these channels and sends alerts for potential failures to reduce the risk of outages.

Accessories available for the SmartZone UPS include external batter packs, battery cartridges, intelligent network management cards, environmental and security sensors, and a relay card.

“SmartZone UPS provides the global market with intelligent, reliable, and efficient infrastructure solutions for IT equipment and applications,” said SmartZone UPS product manager Alan Burkel. “Panduit is excited to deliver this new offering of uninterruptible power supply hardware to an expanding industry with growing trends of distributed compute and enterprise data center modernization. It allows Panduit to be a one-stop shop for customers interested in infrastructure solutions.”

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