Intelligent PDUs provide density, reliability, and monitoring of data center infrastructure

Feb. 16, 2018
Panduit says its SmartZone G5 Intelligent PDUs provide comprehensive and accurate energy management data to enable data center efficiency.

Panduit recently launched its newest generation of SmartZone G5 Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs). The company says the product family “provides best-in-class outlet density, optimal form factor, and superior reliability to monitor the data centerpower, environment, and security at a cabinet level, by continuously scanning for electrical circuit overloads and physical environmental conditions that place critical IT equipment at risk.”

The Intelligent PDUs are available in five families, with the following capabilities.

  1. Basic PDU
  2. Monitored input series
  3. Monitored switched series
  4. Monitored per outlet series
  5. Monitored and switched per outlet series

“The SmartZone G5 iPDU provides comprehensive, accurate, energy-measurement data to allow data center operators to efficiently use power resources, make informed capacity-planning decisions, improve uptime, help measure PUE [power usage effectiveness], drive green data center initiatives to save energy and costs, and provide physical security to prevent unauthorized cabinet access,” Panduit said. “SmartZone 5G iPDUs interface with the Panduit SmartZone Intelligent Software and Hardware Solutions, and fit into all Panduit cabinets and all industry standard cabinets,” the company added.

Marc Naese, senior vice president of Panduit’s data center business, commented, “In this IoT connected world, today’s IT managers must provide higher data speeds while controlling costs by maximizing return on assets. Making the right choice in IT equipment is essential for safe, efficient data center operation. Our full range of G5 iPDUs, environmental sensors, access security accessories, and dual locking power cords are the key to fulfilling mission-critical data center needs.”

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