Chatsworth hones new UPS for data center and edge applications

July 28, 2022
New 350VA – 10kVA UPS offerings from Chatsworth Products include long-lasting lithium-ion battery-based systems.

Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) has introduced a new line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) tailored to protect the integrity of IT assets and ensure uptime for data center and edge applications.

The company says its new line of UPS and related accessories provide improved, data-driven rack-level power monitoring and management in data centers and remote sites. Configurations include 350VA – 10kVA lithium-ion and lead-acid battery-based solutions available in standby, line-interactive and double-conversion online topologies to cater to a wide variety of application needs and requirements.

 CPI contends its new lithium-ion UPS solutions provide "more than twice the life, higher temperature tolerance, longer runtime (5X), and faster recharge (90 minutes to 90% charge) when compared to typical lead-acid battery solutions." The company says this heightened performance can be a difference-maker for facilities as today's interconnected, "always on" world continues to place new demands on power management in data centers and nontraditional edge locations.

Available models featuring double-conversion online topologies additionally provide robust power protection against blackouts, brownouts and voltage surges, "which can otherwise cripple network connectivity and uptime and result in multi-million-dollar financial impacts for mission critical applications and industries that rely on network, server, edge, light industrial and distributed IT applications," as noted by a CPI press release.

Per the company, additional benefits of CPI's new UPS product line include: a 6-year full warranty for lithium-ion batteries and UPS electronics; and a battery management system that ensures cell voltage balancing, current sharing and protection for over-charge and over-discharge.

A maintenance bypass feature provides an optional bypass distribution module that enables the UPS to replaced or serviced without interruption of power -- a key component to better ensuring reliability and 24/7 uptime in mission critical applications, as reckoned by CPI.

"As more enterprise data centers gravitate toward multitenant and edge compute locations, we know more and more customers need power solutions that can not only allow their sites to be up and running quickly, but just as importantly, stay operational and ensure uptime reliably," said Ashish Moondra, sr. product manager, Power, Electronics & Software, for CPI. "CPI's continued focus on capabilities that provide high availability while reducing the complexity of installing, networking, servicing and managing UPS solutions is a key addition to CPI's Power Management portfolio."

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