Meta Plans to Make Data Center Fueled by Clean Energy

Dec. 12, 2023
Meta is making moves to meet its clean energy goals.

Per PRNewswire Meta yesterday announced that its ”Mesa data center will soon be supported by new solar energy from Salt River Project (SRP) through a contract with leading U.S. clean energy provider Ørsted.” Ørsted Eleven Mile Solar Center is a 300-MW solar farm and has a 300-MW four-hour battery energy system under construction.

According to the contract, Meta will receive the primary portion of solar energy generated by the company. The remainder energy not utilized by Meta’s data center will be available to SRP customers.

Once it becomes active in 2024, the solar-plus-battery project will be the largest on SRP’s power grid. It will also be “one of the largest battery energy storage systems built in a single phase in the U.S.”

Meta will also be getting 50 MW from the 100-MW West Line Solar Facility and 200-MW from the Brittlebush Solar Facility. By receiving all this clean energy Meta will be able to reach its goals of using 100% renewable energy and being net zero.

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