Data center fiber cabling system enables easy scale-up, MACs

Jan. 22, 2015
Panduit’s HD Flex Fiber Cabling System is designed to provide high levels of data center fiber density as well as improved serviceability.

Panduit Corp. will debut its HD Flex Fiber Cabling System at Cisco Live taking place January 26-30 in Milan, Italy. It is a data centerfiber cabling system the company says is “engineered to provide the highest levels of density and serviceability for high-performance data centers.” Panduit adds that HD Flex is “purposely designed to enable organizations to easily scale up density and execute moves, adds and changes [MACs] quickly and safely, without disrupting adjacent circuits.”

Khaled Nassoura, vice president of Panduit’s data center business unit, commented, “We found existing high-density systems on the market today were simply unmanageable. They weren’t designed for easy MACs, and as a result technicians were disrupting circuits, and experiencing very costly downtime. The inflexibility of traditional enclosures was also making it difficult to migrate to higher data speeds. In a high-performance data center, which is constantly evolving, that’s just not practical, which is why we developed the new HD Flex Fiber Cabling System.”

The company points out the data center fiber cabling system’s following characteristics, which it says speed installation, testing, deployment and serviceability.

  • Innovative cable management that positions trunk cables away from the rear of the enclosure, providing enhanced access for MACs
  • Split trays inside the enclosure, which support safe MACs
  • Cassette access from the front or back to streamline installation and migrations from 10G to 40G/100G Ethernet

Nassoura added, “Our customers are universally tasked with reducing cost-per-square-foot and maximizing use of active, revenue-generating equipment. The flexible design of the HD Flex Fiber Cabling System enables them to accomplish both.”

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