TIA, Capitoline reach agreement for data center standards training

Nov. 23, 2015
Starting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Capitoline will takes its TIA-942 data center standards training curriculum worldwide.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) recently announced it has reached a licensing agreement with data center consultancy and training firm Capitoline, through which Capitoline will build and conduct international certified training courses for the ANS/TIA-942 data center standards document family.

Capitoline’s courses initially will be launched in Europe, the organizations said when making a joint announcement, adding, “but with a worldwide license granted to Capitoline, the training will become available to data center professionals worldwide.”

The organizations also reflected on the importance of data center standards and professionals’ familiarity with them: “With a major data center suffering a catastrophic failure somewhere in the world every week, data center design and management has become even more critical for successful IT operations and information security management. TIA-942 remains the world’s most popular data center standard, encompassing data cabling, cabling management, grounding and bonding and much more. The standard has a proven record of providing a flexible and manageable structured cabling system using readily available media. It offers designers and managers a full suite of modern design tools.”

Stephanie Montgomery, TIA’s vice president of technology and standards, noted, “The TIA-942 standard has proven its value to the industry time after time. We are pleased to be able to work with and license Capitoline and other training entities to provide quality, standardized training solutions to a changing and challenging industry. As the cloud continues to grow, the core technology is the data center and TIA-942 is the essential structured cabling system solution.”

The TIA recently issued a call for interest for the “B” revision of its 942 standard.

Barry Elliott, a founder and director of Capitoline, added, “Capitoline started the world’s first data center training in 2005, which coincided with the first release of the TIA-942 standard. Capitoline has been referring to and recommending the TIA-942 standard ever since in our design, audit and training business. The TIA-942 design training will join Capitoline’s successful Data Centre Expert [DCE] certification program. This program is recognized in the U.S. by BICSI for continuing education credits, in the U.K. by CIBSE for continuing professional development, and across Europe as an EQF level 5 qualification. DCE has been adopted as a data center training standard by many organizations including the United Nations for their worldwide data center management requirements.”

Visit the TIA Standards Store, where the TIA’s cabling-related standards are available for purchase.

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