Rack-top baffle for data center aisle containment

July 7, 2016
Polargy’s Rack Top Baffle is a tool-less magnetic-based option suited for open-top aisle containment in the data center and for frequently reconfigured layouts.

Polargy recently added the Rack Top Baffle to its PolarPlex line of aisle containment solutions for the data center. The company described the baffle as “a new option for cabinet-supported containment that provides a significant reduction in both the installation and material costs of deployment.” The Rack Top Baffle includes a tool-less, magnetic attachment that Polargy explains “enables data center managers to increase airflow at the top of racks with minimal labor and cost-effective pricing. The new baffles are ideal for data center owners and operators that need to deploy open-top containment due to tall ceilings or constraints from fire-suppression systems. The modular Rack Top Baffles are also convenient for sites that reconfigure their layouts frequently due to moves, additions and changes.”

The Rack Top Baffle system comprises an anodized aluminum base, a set of securing magnets, and either a vertical or angled panel insert. They are available in standard sizes and custom sizes. “With sizes up to six feet wide, data center operators are now able to run a baffle across an aisle to create an endcap for full perimeter above-rack containment,” Polargy noted.

Cary Frame, the company’s chief executive officer, said, “PolarPlex Rack Top Baffles represent a new class of containment panels that are well-suited for projects where the ROI goals are extremely aggressive. The baffles offer an investment option that can be repurposed through the life of the data center, helping to provide optimized airflow for decades after installation.”

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