Environmental monitoring system for telecom closets

Package from RF Code includes sensors and readers as well as the ability to monitor remotely.

RF Code, which provides asset-management and environmental-monitoring (EM) solutions for data centers, recently made available an EM bundle tailored to telecommunications closets and distributed networks. “Telecom closets are the essential spokes to the hub of the data center,” the company said when announcing the system’s availability. Furthermore, it acknowledged, in many cases the telecom closet really is just that—a closet—far from an ideal environment for networking equipment. “Geographically distributed offices, departmental processing systems, critical applications and intra-company connectivity are all located in rooms not originally designed to house environmentally sensitive technology.”

The company’s chief executive officer Mitch Medford said, “The challenge faced by the engineers in charge of network and wiring closets is as tough as that of their colleagues in the data center. In their case, however, they often don’t have the power and cooling infrastructure to monitor and maintain the necessary environment for this critical equipment.”

The EM bundle that RF Code has packaged for distributed network and telecom closets includes all sensors and readers required to ensure that the conditions affecting power and cooling, as well as the availability and performance of the systems, are monitored from any remote or local location.

Medford added, “These rooms are critical to the performance of organizations but are difficult to monitor and control.” He said his company’s “economically priced monitoring bundle will reduce costly downtime, improve efficiency and improve overall awareness of systems performance.”

The company’s asset management and environmental monitoring solutions for data centers provide live data to many data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platforms, acting essentially as an overlay to these DCIM systems as opposed to a competitor of/alternative to DCIM. RF Code’s offerings also enable automated facilities management through integration with building management systems.

The company also provides solutions to markets including industrial, where, as RF Code explains, “companies depend on real-time visibility of assets and must ensure that fluctuating conditions throughout a supply chain do not destroy products.” The company’s technology is also used in hospitals to track the positioning of life-saving equipment and the conditions in which drugs and food are kept.

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