Emerson opens thermal test lab for large-capacity data center cooling systems

Aug. 20, 2013
New psychrometric lab enables customers to test cooling unit performance for larger capacity cooling systems. 

Emerson Network Power (NYSE: EMR) has announced the availability of its witness test lab for customers purchasing larger-capacity data center cooling systems. Psychrometric testing has previously been conducted at Emerson Network Power’s plant in Columbus, Ohio, where there are psychrometric rooms for 30 kW and 100 kW cooling units. The new, state-of-the-art psychrometric testing lab expands the capability to 200 kW direct expansion cooling units and 400 kW chilled water units.

The CSA International-certified testing facility allows performance and reliability testing for equipment at specific temperatures from -35 degrees F to 120 degrees F. In addition to supporting the development of next-generation large cooling systems, the facility enables on-site witness testing for customers who wish to guarantee their cooling systems will deliver target performance and reliability across a broad operating temperature range.

In addition to expanding witness test capability, the news facility also enables Emerson Network Power to test its new, large cooling systems and offer more efficient technologies to customers faster.

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In typical facilities, an estimated 20 percent of psychrometric room test time is consumed by the set-up, since the equipment must be assembled in the psychrometric room. However, Emerson Network Power’s facility features a staging area for the unit being tested, so the set-up can take place while another test is in progress. The ability to stage equipment, combined with test apparatus designed to rapidly change out unit configurations, reduces the set-up by more than half, says the company, enabling customers to put their equipment into service faster.

“The increasing number of hyperscale data centers and co-location facilities is driving the need to develop larger cooling equipment that is optimized for the data center. Our new psychrometric lab enables us to develop next generation large cooling systems such as our new Liebert DSE DX platform,” comments John Schneider, vice president and general manager, thermal management, Emerson Network Power.

Schneider adds, “Importantly, the facility is designed to replicate the customer’s complete data center environment to ensure the most accurate and reliable performance testing at a broad range of temperatures. Developing the lab underscores our commitment to excellence in all areas of thermal management.”

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