Siemens debuts DCIM in data center products push

Feb. 14, 2013
Siemens has launched its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platform, dubbed Datacenter Clarity LC.

Concurrent with its new business focus on data center products, Siemens announced the launch of its data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform. Dubbed Datacenter Clarity LC, the company says its DCIM "bridges the gap between IT and facility management, allowing for smarter decision-making and optimized efficiencies using proven technologies."

The product is Siemens’ first in the DCIM space and represents an "important milestone for [the company's] increased focus into the broader data center arena," according to a press release. “Not many companies can match us when it comes to providing and integrating all of the technologies and services needed for today’s data centers,” asserts John Kovach, Siemens’ global head of data centers. “We truly believe that we are the only company that can provide such a broad foundation of proven experience.”

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With Datacenter Clarity LC, Siemens says it has merged two of its core strengths: providing integration and management capabilities across an entire portfolio of technologies within an enterprise, and a complete data center-specific software suite built upon the Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. Siemens claims that its PLM software has more than seven million licensees deployed globally, many in mission critical industries. For example, NASA used the software to digitally design, simulate, analyze and assemble the entire Mars Rover Curiosity project, contributing to a successful landing on Mars last August.

The company says its Datacenter Clarity LC DCIM was received very positively by attendees who previewed the platform at the 2012 Gartner Data Center Conference last December. “While other companies are trying to piecemeal or patchwork disparate platforms together, we’re able to come in with a complete, proven, scalable platform based on proven technologies already being used in the field,” explains Siemens' Kovach.

Specifically, Siemens says its Datacenter Clarity LC DCIM platform provides: IT/building/fire and safety/security asset lifecycle management; asset visualization in HD4D (visual data overlaid on a 3D virtual data center model); real-time monitoring, alarm and event notification; capacity planning; workflow and work order management; CFD modeling and analysis; linking of IT, mechanical and electrical assets; a scalable multi-site support platform; and mobility management applications.

Datacenter Clarity LC is a trademark owned and licensed by Maya Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd. Siemens has partnered with Maya, an exclusive Siemens PLM Software & Technology partner, for more than 26 years.

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