Proof-of-concept demo charts SDN WAN, data center orchestration

Dec. 27, 2013
DukeNet will use software and systems from Cyan and Accedian Networks for the demonstration.

DukeNet Communications says it is conducting a proof-of-concept demonstration in which it will apply software-defined network (SDN) orchestration across the wide area network (WAN) and the data center.

DukeNet will use software and systems from Cyan (NYSE: CYNI) and Accedian Networks for the demonstration. The SDN use case demonstration involves applications running on an enterprise server that places requests for additional cloud data center virtual machines and associated network resources using OpenStack application program interfaces (APIs) and OpenFlow across the DukeNet network.

“Conducted in a real world multi-vendor environment, the event validates our ability to dynamically spin up data center virtual machines along with virtualized network resources for customers,” comments David Herran, vice president of network architecture and technology planning at DukeNet. “This capability ultimately will allow us to offer new, flexible, and elastic services to customers and will provide an important new means to monetize our network investment.”

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As reported by our sister site Lightwave, DukeNet has used Cyan software products for several years.

In the demonstration, Cyan’s Blue Planet SDN Platform services the SDN request on behalf of network resources and proxies the compute and data center network demands to an OpenStack server in the cloud data center. Blue Planet performs all functions necessary to turn up additional services across DukeNet’s network, Cyan asserts, including Carrier Ethernet and optical edge devices from Accedian Networks. The data center instance of OpenStack negotiates with compute resources and data center switches to allocate the necessary network and compute capacity.

“Cyan is proud to partner with DukeNet on such a cutting-edge and important industry demonstration,” concludes Michael Hatfield, president and co-founder of Cyan. “The carrier space is looking for proof that SDN can help them create new services and reduce costs. At the same time, enterprise customers are looking for networks that are as elastic as their data center and compute resources. This demonstration goes a long way in proving that these types of services can be realized through SDN technology.”


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