Cannon T4 Inc. appoints Cullop CEO

From company headquarters in Northern Virginia, Carl Cullop will work to develop a full manufacturing site to effect shorter lead times for customers.

Cannon Technologies recently appointed Carl Cullop to the position of chief executive officer (CEO) of the company’s American operation, Cannon T4 Inc. “Cullop is tasked with enhancing the company’s presence, market penetration and sales, and he will spearhead initiatives that will drive demand for the award-winning T4 Data Center Solutions range,” the company said when announcing the appointment. Data center systems offered by Cannon T4 include the Data Center Manager, the Mini Data Center and the Cold Aisle Cocooning System. The company describes them as “solutions that lead the way in making mission-critical facilities more robust, resilient and energy efficient.”

Cullop will be based at Cannon T4’s Northern Virginia headquarters and according to the company, one of his first jobs will be “to complement his existing team with a series of new appointments across a variety of roles.” Additionally, Cullop will “look to develop a full manufacturing site in order to offer shorter lead times and a level of service similar to that enjoyed by customers in Europe.” On a medium-term basis, Cullop also is tasked with expanding Cannon T4’s operations into Canada and Mexico.

Cullop has both an engineering background and experience in sales and channel management, including positions in which he worked to specify and deploy mission-critical power systems in data centers, as well as to distribute data center infrastructure systems.

In an announcement of his appointment, Cullop stated, “The USA continues to boast a thriving data center sector worth tens of billions of dollars and I’m excited about the prospect of ensuring that owners and managers of these facilities experience the benefits of using products from Cannon T4 Inc.”

Cannon Technologies chairman Ted Reddcliffe added, “This is an incredibly exciting time and I’m pleased that Carl has joined us to take the company to the next level in the USA. His abundant knowledge, drive and enthusiasm combine to give me the utmost confidence that Cannon T4 Inc. will become a major force in data center solutions in this country.”

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