CABLExpress intros mini ladder rack enclosure for data centers

July 25, 2013
New Skinny-Trunk enclosure is designed to save space in the data center.

CABLExpress has introduced its mini ladder rack enclosure, a multimedia enclosure designed to mount directly to overhead conveyance in the data center. As part of the company's Skinny-Trunk platform, the mini ladder rack enclosure enables more efficient usage of conditioned rack space.

“We designed the mini ladder rack enclosure to provide another option for organizations with limited space in their data centers,” says Matthew Graham, director of CABLExpress.

Key features of the Skinny-Trunk mini ladder rack enclosure, according to the company, include:

-- Multimedia capabilities for fiber (96 duplex LC ports) or copper (48 ports), or a combination of the two.

-- Space for eight modules or feed-through adapter panels.

-- Lightweight aluminum construction with powder coat finish to ensure a longer product lifespan and a sleek look.

-- Acrylic glass front cover to safeguard data flow.

-- Stable spring couplers to facilitate high performance and maximum uptime.

-- Optional cable management channel available with flexible telescoping to protect cables.

-- Design that directly integrates with the CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk Solution and the recommended TIA-942 structured cabling standard.

Graham adds, “By mounting directly to overhead conveyance, the enclosure frees space in the rack below for additional networking equipment. As the volume and speed of data increases and creates the need for more hardware, the ability to save space without sacrificing manageability or performance will continue to be extremely valuable in this industry.”

CABLExpress also offers a full-size ladder rack enclosure that can hold 192 LC duplex ports or 96 copper ports.

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