Concert Technologies rolls out data center services

Equipment installation, facility consolidation and physical-infrastructure cleanup are among the suite of services offered under the new program.

Technology rollout company Concert Technologies recently announced its new data center support services program, which offers cabling, management, support and maintenance services for data centers in the U.S. and internationally. The program, Concert explains, provides data centers of any size with “a single, trusted partner available 24/7, providing a variety of cabling and physical-infrastructure services—whether at a single location or multiple locations spread across the globe.”

Services offered through the program include the following, each of which Concert describes in detail in a video it released to coincide with the announcement of the program.

  • Installation of data center equipment and physical infrastructure cabling
  • Data center consolidation or moves
  • Data center physical infrastructure cleanup
  • Data center physical infrastructure management including equipment patching, telecom circuit testing, smart-hands assistance with server access and equipment configurations, and verification and documentation of existing conditions.

Concert Technologies president and chief executive officer Dennis Mazaris commented, “Our data center support services program was launched as a result of the high demand from our customers to provide a full suite of data center services for nationwide and global rollouts. Our team of skilled local resources is available 24/7 to support the planning and management of even the most demanding of data center requirements.”

You can visit the web page dedicated to Concert Technologies’ data center support services here.

You can watch the supporting video here.

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