Hurricane Sandy survival stories to be told at Data Center World

Panel discussion will include data center professionals who will share their experiences about Sandy’s aftermath.

A panel discussion scheduled for the Data Center World conference (Mandalay Bay; Las Vegas, NV; April 28 – May 2) will be entitled “Impact and Learning from Hurricane Sandy.” AFCOM, organizer of the Data Center World conference, describe the session as follows: “This unique panel will be comprised of professionals who stood on the data center front lines during Hurricane Sandy and will share real-life case studies about the aftermath and impact of this Category 4 storm. Learn how your data center can survive, and thrive, in the harshest conditions from peers in the know.”

AFCOM also noted, “Hurricane Sandy put many East Coast data center recovery plans to the test in October 2012. IT managers faced widespread power outages, poor communications and displaced personnel just to name a few major challenges. Why did some data centers remain operational while others buckled during the disaster? That’s the billion-dollar question that man of the disaster recovery/continuity sessions to be presented at Data Center World will strive to answer.”

In addition to the Sandy-specific panel discussion, other presentations dealing with disaster recovery/continuity include “Avoiding Data Center Disaster: What Professionals Need to Know,” “Case Study: The Cedars-Sinai Healthcare DR Story,” and “Building IT Resilience: Why Systems and Data Need Full Protection.”

You can find more information about Data Center World’s focus on disaster preparedness and recovery here.

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