Sumitomo unveils installer-friendly fiber infrastructure line for data center, enterprise networks

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has officially lauched its "4th Level" line of optical fiber infrastructure for data center and enterprise networks.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has officially introduced its "4th Level" product line for data center and enterprise network cabling infrastructure. Reportedly the product of over two years in development, the platform is billed as a "fully integrated, end to end, optical fiber system for the data center, designed specifically...for real-time, on-site, flexible optical fiber infrastructure designs."

The platform provides for a fully integrated optical fiber solution that pairs high-speed transmission cables with advanced precision installation equipment and tools including fusion splicers and optical fiber cleavers. Sumitomo says the 4th Level product line was built around the core concept of offering data center and enterprise network managers and installers an affordable, quick, and easy method to achieve customized optical fiber infrastructure on-site.

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"4th Level differentiates itself from other data center optical fiber systems by having been built around the concept of providing the flexibility required for real-time adjustments, exact length cable builds and immediate connectivity that current data center systems promoting pre-terminated cable and plug-and-play solutions can't accommodate," said a spokesperson for the company.

The 4th Level product family builds on Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s Lynx2 CustomFit splice-on connectors (in SC, LC, FC, and ST formats) and the Lynx2-MPO fiber-optic connectors. The new product initiative adds plenum and riser rated distribution and interconnect cables, patch panels and cassettes, and options including fiber-optic cable assemblies. Each 4th Level product has been designed for the speed, immediate scalability, space savings, and high performance required for high density data center and enterprise networks to effect customized optical fiber infrastructure migration from 10Gbit/s to 40 and 100 Gbit/s and beyond, says the company.

“Our goal is to offer data center managers, design engineers, and installers the freedom and control to customize, rapidly change, repair and restore the network infrastructure in real-time without the logistic delays and the fixed and inflexible solutions of the past,” comments Joshua Seawell, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s director of its Lightwave Network Products division. “With the launch of the 4th Level product line, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has achieved this goal, meeting the needs of its customers for new and better technology.”

The product line is officially being launched with a showcase of various products at the BICSI 2013 Winter Conference, January 20 – 24, in Tampa, Florida, Booth # 323.

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