Footing allows mobility, cable management for freestanding enclosures

April 3, 2013
Flex-Block system fits Rittal’s server and network enclosures.

The Flex-Block plinth/base assembly from Rittal has been designed specifically for the company’s portfolio of freestanding enclosures, including its latest server/network enclosures the TS8, SE8, CM, TP and PC units, as well as its latest generation of liquid-cooling packages.

Rittal explains the footing’s design “makes it possible to quickly clip together the plinth/base components and attach accessories like casters, leveling feet and cable-management pieces” without the need to use specialized tools. “They can be bayed together with a unique tool-less baying clip. Moving an enclosure is now much easier either in its configured form or empty, just by removing the plinth/base trim. The units are available in symmetrical increments to match enclosure width and depth measurements.”

The system comprises four corner modules and covers made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, along with sheet steel side-trim panels. “The modular design and increased assembly space allow the four corner pieces, which support the entire weight of the enclosure, to be quickly and easily fitted underneath the enclosure right from the start,” Rittal says. “Without the trim panels in position, the units can be transported using a lift truck, for placement at its final destination. Once the enclosure is configured and placed, the trim panels are clipped into position on the base/plinth. Hexagonal slots in the base accommodate adapter sleeves for stacking base/plinths up to 8 inches.”

The 4-inch plastic corner modules are designed for loads of more than 3,100 pounds. They can be stacked if additional height is needed. Rittal adds that the base/plinth’s cable-routing design leaves space for interior installation of the enclosure. When configured with a punched rail, cable-management pieces can be clipped into position from outside or inside, the company notes.

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