Upsite Technologies to discuss data center airflow strategies

April 25, 2013
Upsite Technologies will exhibit and discuss data center airflow management strategies and solutions at next week's at Data Center World 2013.

Upsite Technologies will exhibit and discuss data center airflow management strategies and solutions at next week's at Data Center World 2013 in Las Vegas. Attendees will have the opportunity to view the company's suite of data center airflow systems, as well as its new Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) calculator.

During the show’s expo, Upsite representatives will meet with attendees at the company's booth #424 to discuss Upsite’s latest data center airflow products, including:

* The KoldLok 6” Round Grommet, which accommodates large cable bundles and PDU plugs.

* The HotLok Full Rack Blanking Panel (FRBP) Kit, which is designed to fill large openings in racks that exist in empty racks or between IT equipment in populated racks.

* The Rack Airflow Management (RAM) Kit, which creates a perimeter seal within racks to prevent server exhaust re-circulation.

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Upsite will also highlight its complimentary Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) calculator, which was released last December. The CCF calculator provides a way for data center and facilities managers to estimate the cooling capacity factor of a data center facility, for better cost-effectiveness. "Cooling capacity factor is the ratio of installed cooling capacity to critical load," explained a company representative. "If a data center’s CCF exceeds 120%, then opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce operating expenses likely exist."

At the expo, Upsite representatives will discuss and answer questions about Upsite’s recent white papers, which include the titles Bypass Airflow Clarified, Cooling Capacity Factor and Enclosure Openings: The Often Overlooked “Holes” in Data Centers. Upsite is also a sponsor in the Data Center World raffle, in which one lucky attendee will win a $250 Best Buy gift card at the end of the show. Data Center World will occur at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 28 through May 2, 2013.

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