Sea-faring data center essentially a floating server rack

April 8, 2013
New system billed as the "Amazon Web Services of the open ocean."

As reported by Daniel Terdiman for CNET News, a Silicon Valley company called Liquid Robotics has launched its Wave Glider SV3, described as "essentially a self-powered sea-faring data center system that gives users the ability to investigate the world's water ways for months on end."

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"Essentially a fully autonomous floating server rack, [the Wave Glider SV3 is] a system its maker [fancies] as the Amazon Web Services of the open ocean," writes Terdiman. The platform's hybrid propulsion system runs on either wave or solar power. System options include a vectored thruster that lets the robot "continue its missions in high seas and dead calms alike."

Full story:Liquid Robotics launches autonomous sea-faring data center (

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