Modules allow passive tapping of data center fiber-optic cabling for network monitoring

May 30, 2013
Part of CablExpress’s Skinny-Trunk system, the modules split optical signals, sending some data to the live network and other data to a test environment.

CablExpress has introduced tap modules that allow for passive optical tapping, thereby enabling more-efficient network monitoring and cabling-infrastructure management, the company explains. The MTP-to-LC tap modules split fiber-optic signals into two fibers, CablExpress further notes, sending a portion of the data to the live network and the remaining data to a test environment.

Matthew Graham, director of CablExpress, said, “The CablExpress tap modules provide an effective way for enterprise data center managers to assess their network traffic. By integrating with the Skinny-Trunk Solution, the modules save space in the data center and minimize the need for additional cabling and hardware for testing purposes.”

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The modules’ design directly integrates into the company’s Skinny-Trunk system. The modules also include “ultra-low-loss components that provide flexibility in fiber network design,” the company says, as well as a “rugged design that allows fiber to remain secure.” The modules are available in 1-, 6- and 10-U H Series options as well as 1-, 2- and 4-U RSD Series options. They are available in OM3 and OM4 multimode versions as well as singlemode versions.

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