RiT launches fiber optic managed patch panel geared for 40G/100G data center migration

July 27, 2011
RiT Technologies' PatchView Xlight MPO-MPO tray helps data centers prepare for migration to next-generation 40G/100G networks by using 12-fiber cabling systems and MPO connectors.

TEL AVIV, Israel -- RiT Technologies (NASDAQ: RITT) has announced what it calls a major new addition to its line of fiber optic solutions for managed installations: the PatchView Xlight MPO-MPO tray. The company says the new product helps data centers prepare for migration to a next-generation 40G/100G network by using 12-fiber cabling systems and MPO connectors.

According to RiT, the Xlight MPO-MPO tray allows installers to work with MPO cords, FOCIS 5D standard compliant comprising 12 fibers, is fully compatible with 40G and 100G IEEE 802.3 applications, and is comprised of MPO adapters in 1U of rack space (key-up to key-down). When inserting RiT's Xlight MPO-MPO jumper into the Xlight MPO-MPO tray port with PatchView capability, both optical and electrical connections are simultaneously made, allowing the RiT PatchView system to scan all the wiring center's fiber optic connections and report the connectivity results to the network administrator on-line and in real-time.

RiT contends that the Xlight Fiber Optic product line addresses rising data center demand for higher optical port density and a rapid installation process, a trend which has developed in step with the data center increased use of MPO connections. The company says its Xlight line is designed to bring the benefits of advanced fiber optic solutions to RiT's intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) concept to state-of-the-art data centers, including, among others, its Automated Provisioning Tool, Active I graphical interface and strong reporting engine.

"We are very excited to launch this important new product - another industry-first in line with our commitment to bring leading hardware and software products to the market," commented Eran Ayzik, RiT's President & CEO.

He added, "Since the beginning of the year, we have been rolling out our unique line of managed Xlight fiber optic components, including an intelligent LC-MPO cassette, LC-LC cassette and others, and customer reaction has been encouraging. The Xlight product family enables us to address some of the latest trends in infrastructure installation, and to solve the difficult management challenges of today's high-density, mission-critical data centers."

In designing recent Xlight products, RiT says it leveraged its experience and multi-disciplinary know-how in the areas of IIM, fiber optic technologies and data center networking requirements. To support next-generation data rates, RiT's fiber optic solutions are offered in multimode OM4 fibers to increase bandwidth and long distance channels, and singlemode fibers with low-water pick and bend insensitive capabilities.

More Info:www.rittech.com

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