Wave2Wave rolls out modular 'data center in a box'

April 19, 2011
"Goodbye big iron and raised floors," is the mobile data center infrastructure provider's motto.

Wave2Wave Solution (Milpitas, CA) announced the availability of its w-Metro family of “data centers in a box." The line of patented modular mobile data centers includes the w-MetroExpress, w-MetroXtreme, w-MetroMono and w-MetroVault systems. “The w-Metro puts an end to an era of large room, big iron, HVAC and raised floors of the data center of the past,” contends David Wang, CEO of Wave2Wave Solution Corporation. “Data Center architects and facility managers are demanding an alternative that fully address the issues of managing space, cost and energy efficiency."

Notable to this class of product, according to the company, is the w-Metro technology's integrated security system which controls, monitors and audits physical access to the inside of the w-Metro enclosures. The electronic system is fully compliant to Section 404 of the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act; servers and storage arrays that host financial systems and data that are housed inside a w-Metro are protected from unauthorized access.

In a parallel announcement, Wave2Wave also introduced its w-Matrix family of intelligent power distribution unit (PDU) available for the w-Metro.

According to the company, w-Matrix is powered by technology from Cyberswitching, a power management specialist. The intelligent PDUs allow onsite personnel to view and manage crucial status information including load details, input line utilization and system status from a LCD panel on the w-Matrix. A patented virtual circuit breaker feature permits a single outlet to be taken offline when amperage drawn exceeds healthy levels without affecting the other outlets in the PDU, preventing outages and protects the overall life of the equipment. All features and functions of the w-Matrix can be managed through an Ethernet connection.

Market research firm Infonetics has recently reported that U.S. enterprises plan to increase their data center infrastructure spending by 25 percent in 2011. This is remarkable given the tepid growth of the overall U.S. economy, but underscores the essential roles data centers occupy in enterprises. However, traditional “bricks and mortar” data centers have become overly complex, costly to build and extremely inefficient especially at a time when power consumption and runaway costs have become the most critical problems in today’s IT world. In light of these assertions, Wave2Wave advertises that its advanced IT solutions can be quickly designed, delivered and deployed in under eight weeks, compared to five to twenty-four months required to build a traditional data center.

The w-Metros and w-Matrix PDUs are manufactured in the U.S., UL-listed and RoHS compliant. Pricing for the w-Metro products starts at $55,000 for the w-MetroExpress; pricing for w-Matrix starts at $1,500. Both product families are currently shipping with delivery expected to be less than eight weeks for the w-Metros and two weeks for the w-Matrix PDUs.

More Info:www.wave-2-wave.com

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