Commscope launches new data center 'philosophy'

May 11, 2011
Marketing alert: Commscope -- in collaboration with Rittal -- is now pitching its "Living Infrastructure" philosophy to data center operators.

Marketing alert: Commscope is now pitching its "Living Infrastructure" philosophy to data center operators.

P.S. Along with the new marketing initiative, the company is also promoting its InstaPATCH ZERO pre-terminated server cabinets. From a press release issued by the company:

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"Developed in collaboration with IT enclosure industry leader Rittal Corporation,...the InstaPATCH ZERO [pre-terminated server cabinet ] solution is first being introduced in North America and Latin America. The platform is built on a...modular 600-mm wide server cabinet equipped with pre-terminated cabling cassettes that require “zero” space in the vertical racks, enabling full server deployment...

...Coupled with a 4U mini-rack mounted above the cabinet, InstaPATCH ZERO provides copper and fiber connectivity in an integrated, modular system that enables rapid “Roll-in” and “Plug-in” server cabinet deployment and facilitates best practices in intra-cabinet cable management....

...Together with [CommScope's] InstaPATCH Cu and InstaPATCH 360 platforms, InstaPATCH ZERO provides an end-to-end pre-terminated structured cabling solution that not only reduces server cabinet deployment times, but enhances the ability to respond to change as data center evolves..."

“The InstaPATCH ZERO solution is an outstanding example of how CommScope is executing on its vision of Living Infrastructure,” proclaimed George Brooks, senior vice president, Data Center business unit, CommScope.

Brooks added, “The collaboration between CommScope and Rittal will allow data center customers to select a turn-key solution designed for rapid server deployment and change management. By helping our customers with rapid deployment, we help them realize a higher investment value by saving time, money, space while also enabling them to plan for tomorrow’s growth.”

To conclude, Brooks added that InstaPATCH ZERO "is being aimed at those organizations that intend to adopt a pre-terminated and flexible structured cabling solution for rapid server deployment, have high density environments with limited real estate, and regularly deploy and/or decommission servers."

Sounds like a flexible philosophy based mainly on common sense, valuable for IT organizations on the move. Will look for any attendant "green" angling in forthcoming CommScope and/or Rittal tradeshow booth displays -- would seem like kind of a no-brainer to tack onto this sort of thing, from a marketing perspective.

Would be interesting to hear a company representative to address the issue of keeping this system cool when the copper connections are flying -- or will that even be an issue with the now current preponderance of fiber (or maybe -- not so much? ) and, oh by the way, wireless of every variety thrown into the bargain? -- Matt Vincent

[via BusinessWire]

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