Cabinet offers density, accessibility, and thermal efficiency

Siemon’s V800 offers 16U of additional mounting space and is available in multiple heights and depths.

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The V800 cabinet from Siemon is designed to provide “a robust, high-performance, cost-effective enclosure for high-density data center environments,” the company said when launching the cabinet. It offers increased cabling and equipment density, Siemon explained, while providing easy accessibility and thermal efficiency. “Effective as a standalone enclosure or in a multi-bayed configuration, the V800 provides a modular configuration to enable use as a cabling, network-switch or server cabinet,” the company noted.

The V800 provides zero-U space on each side of the fully adjustable equipment rails for cable management, Siemon further said, as well as PDU mounting or connectivity on both the cabinet’s front and rear. “This achieves maximum space utilization within the cabinet footprint,” the company explained. “Four zero-U spaces on the front and four at the rear of the cabinet allow for mounting of eight, zero-U panels. Each zero-U panel provides 2U of mounting space for any combination of 19-inch patch panels or fiber enclosures, offering up to 16U of additional mounting space per cabinet.”

Content Dam Cim Online Articles 2014 09 Siemonv800

Siemon also pointed out the cabinet’s accessibility—the 1000mm or 1200mm depth options are exact, the company said, “allowing for full access to adjacent tiles immediately to the front or back of placed cabinets. This ensures the full 1.2 meters of aisle spacing recommended by ISO/IEC 14763-2 and EN 50600-2-4 is afforded.” Additionally, Siemon pointed out, quick-release functionality allows the doors to be removed rapidly, and the full front and rear split doors are completely field-reversible. “Enhanced side access is provided by split side panels, allowing convenient access to installed equipment. The side panels feature integrated grounding via spring-loaded bonding clips—eliminating the need for dedicated bonding conductors,” Siemon added.

Thermal efficiency is another characteristic of the V800, as its contoured high-flow doors are built with 71 percent perforation to exceed the airflow requirements of the major active equipment manufacturers. The cabinet’s lid includes four integrated brush guards, to ensure cables can enter without compromising thermal integrity. Other thermal-management options are available, including exhaust fans and vertical exhaust ducts. Siemon also offers SnapFit thermal blanking panels to populate any unused space inside the cabinet, to further optimize thermal efficiency, the company noted.

The V800 is available in heights of 42U, 45U, and 48U and provides a dynamic load rating of 1021 kg, as well as a static load rating of 1361 kg. “It can be used in conjunction with Siemon’s standard V600 cabinets or premium VersaPOD cabinets, and shares a common design appearance,” Siemon said. “The V800 has its own specific range of accessories including various mounting and cable-management options, brush guards and blanking panels.”

Dave Valentukonis, product manager with Siemon, commented that the V800 “delivers high capacity, exceptional functionality and thermal efficiency to suit a wide range of application environments, and is the perfect expansion of our global choice of cabinet offerings. While feature-rich, this cabinet is cost-effective and its modular design enables flexible scalability. The initial feedback has been very positive and we are seeing strong interest from the market for this cabinet solution.”

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