CABLExpress cuts diameter, weight of data center fiber-optic trunk cabling

June 20, 2014
Product enhancements also allow for a decreased bend radius of the company's Skinny-Trunk cables.

At the NY Tech Summit on June 19, CABLExpress announced that it has reduced the diameter and weight of its Skinny-Trunk fiber-optic trunk cables to allow for increased capacity and ease of cable management in data center infrastructure systems.

According to the company, changes to the Skinny-Trunk fiber trunks include: a reduction in overall cable diameter by an average of 18 percent across all fiber counts; a decrease in the weight of trunks by an average of 47 percent across all fiber counts; and a reduction of MTP breakout legs by 33 percent, from 3 mm to 2 mm.

“These fiber trunks will help organizations maximize the overall efficiency of their data centers,” comments Lisa Belodoff, vice president of CABLExpress. “Our engineering team works in partnership with our customers to develop solutions for issues they’re dealing with on a daily basis. These enhancements will not only make their jobs easier, but provide a clear benefit when evaluating total cost of ownership of the IT infrastructure spend.”

In addition to the physical changes to the Skinny-Trunk fiber trunks, the product enhancements also allow for a decreased bend radius of the cabling, adds the company.

“The bend radius impacts overall performance because the lower the bend radius, the lower the potential for signal loss,” notes Kent Goldsmith, RCDD, DCDC, engineering manager at CABLExpress. “By reducing the opportunities for signal loss and network downtime, organizations are also minimizing the risk of disrupting the critical business processes that their customers, patients or students rely on.”

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