The modular data center goes campus

June 9, 2014
Cannon’s T4 Data Campus uses factory-built modules to achieve single- or multi-floor facilities that can provide Tier 3 or Tier 4 resilience.

Cannon T4 Inc. recently introduced the T4 Data Campus, which the company explains “uses pre-engineered factory-built modules to facilitate rapid project delivery and world-class levels of operational efficiency … Virtually any size can be achieved. A data center can therefore start small and grow cost-effectively, according to need.”

Multiple configurations are possible, the company notes, including single- or multi-floor levels, Tier 3 or Tier 4 resilience “with low power usage effectiveness ratings, alongside free-cooling options,” Cannon T4 said. Design blocks of 250 kW are offered as standard, with others available. “Whatever the formation, it will benefit from the use of efficient and compact power solutions, cutting-edge infrastructure technology for optimized operation, and a robust and highly secure construction,” the company added. “The desired T4 Data Campus main modules can be selected from a comprehensive menu that enables the ‘pick-and-mix’ construction of data halls, network operation centers, offices, entry systems and people traps, and storage area,” Cannon T4 noted. “Stair and lift modules, special application modules for security, and a wide array of power and cooling modules are all part of the range.”

Submodules include a raised-floor system, a variety of rack options, cable raceway, free-form pockets, within-row cooling pockets and uninterruptible power, power distribution, cabling, fire suppression and lighting. The company explained that its free cooling chillers draw maximum benefit from ambient air, thereby reducing run time and saving energy. And the within-row cooling units offer close-coupled airflow, which Cannon T4 explained negates the need for long ducting runs or large, powerful fan systems.

Modules can be added without disrupting any existing infrastructure, the company noted, and the addition of power and cooling equipment can boost capacity as the data campus grows.

Mark Hirst, head of Cannon T4 data center solutions, commented, “The level of flexibility offered by the T4 Data Campus sets a new benchmark in modular data center configuration and is perfect for those who want to be able to grow their facility as required. Just as importantly, this can be achieved without compromising on quality, reliability and ease of use.”

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