tde: Our 24-fiber MPO trunks ease migration, protect investment

Dec. 12, 2014
The company’s modular tML cabling system is now based on the 24-fiber MPO connector, allowing the use of consistent, uniform components on both sides of the system.

trans data elektronik—tde—recently announced it has equipped the trunk cables and modules of its modular tML cabling system with 24-fiber MPO connector technology. By doing so, the system’s entire rear cabling is based on the 24-fiber MPO, tde said. “To ensure easy migration, tde provides different modules for high investment-protection and the greatest possible flexibility,” the company added. “The tML 24 allows the use of consistently and uniformly allocated components on both sides of the tde modular link system for all transmission rates.”

The company’s chief executive officer, Andre Engel, commented, “We consider it our task to offer our customers easy and fast migration to higher transmission rates. At the same time, companies are looking to protect their investments and to react in a flexible way to future requirements. With our new tML-24 System this has become easier and faster than ever, because we can now use uniformly allocated components on both sides of the tML Link System for all transmission rates. Our customers no longer have to be concerned about cable allocations; this is revolutionary in fiber-optic technology.”

The tML’s rack system remains unchanged because the 24-fiber MPO componentry occupies the same footprint as 12-fiber MPO componentry. This allows tML 24 modules to be used in combination with tML standard (12-fiber) modules. Engel also noted, “Our tML standard, the recently presented tML-Xtended, and the latest tML-24 System make use the sole supplier to offer our customers an investment-safe and highly flexible cabling system for all application scenarios. Migration to higher transmission speeds has never been easier.”

For transmission rates from 1-GbE to 10-GbE, the tde module provides 12 LC duplex connections at the front and a single 24-fiber MPO connector at the back. When migrating to 40-GbE, the tde system takes advantage of the fibers that are usually unused in MPO systems. It explains, “These modules have 12x MPO 40-GbE ports at the front and 4x MPO 24-fiber ports at the back. In this way, 12x 40-GbE can be realized with 96 fibers, whereby no fiber remains unused. If customers require the migration to 100-GbE or more, tde replaces the module with partial front plates with MPO adapters. In this way, the same trunk cables can be used for all transmission rates.”

The tML 24 System, based on the 24-fiber MPO, “can considerably reduce cable volumes,” tde said, “because network technicians only have to install half the amount of cables and connectors compared to previous solutions. The packing density is unique for migration to 40/100-GbE: Since 96 MPO ports can be realized in one height unit, up to 2304 fibers can be used when fully equipping the tML 24 System.”
Engel concluded, “We guarantee that the performance of the MPO 24 connector is as high as the MPO 12-fiber connector. In this way, there are no problems with the insertion loss budget regardless of the transfer rate.”

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