The hidden costs of top-of-rack in the data center

New video from Siemon outlines in-row patching configurations for 10GBase-T switches.

In a recent Youtube clip (see below), Siemon Company's global director of data center solutions and services Carrie Higbie outlines various data center layout options while explaining the hidden costs of top-of-rack (ToR) connectivity. The discussion gives subjective attention to the topic of in-row patching for 10GBase-T switches.

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"We want to manage that distribution area with our cable plant, so that we have access to all of those switch ports via that cable," explains Higbie. "If we do direct-attach copper in top-of-rack, we're limited to 1, 3 or 5 meters. With 10GBase-T, we have 100 meters we can use -- but under 30 meters, we have power savings; so we want to try to keep it under that 30 meter [range]. We can either do a chassis-based switch there, or we can do a stack of top-of-row switches."

She adds, "Just because they're sold as 'top-of-rack' switches, doesn't mean they physically have to sit in the top of a rack. If we use 10GBase-T [switches], we now have that 30 meters to be able to reach multiple server cabinets."

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