Connect, monitor and control 16 PDUs via Ethernet cabling

The new range of power-management solutions by Cannon T4 features an IP dongle that enables up to 16 PDUs to be daisy-chained and remotely controlled.


Cannon T4 Inc. recently released a line of power-management solutions that features the ability to use Category 6 patch cords to daisy-chain together as many as 16 power distribution units (PDUs), then monitor and control those PDUs via a single IP address over an Ethernet network.

Each PDU in the series features a 1.8-inch color LCD display, which the company says allows easily readable information such as current, voltage, power, energy consumption in kWh, power factor, humidity and temperature. “However the real power of the system comes from being able to add an IP dongle that allows multiple PDUs to be monitored and controlled remotely via a single IP address over an Ethernet network,” Cannon T4 explained. “This can reduce manpower and travel costs as well as help with capacity planning and improving the overall efficiency of the data center.

“Up to 16 PDUs can be chained together with Cat 6 patch cables,” the company further stated, “all sharing the IP address and the graphical user interface. The management suite not only allows remote monitoring of the strip, but, depending on the model, it can also monitor individual power outlets and switch them on and off.” These measurements can be logged, and alerts can be set to raise an alarm when designed thresholds are exceeded, Cannon T4 added.

The PDUs are available in zero-U, vertical orientation, or 1- or 2-U rack-mountable horizontal orientation. Each unit can have a mix of sockets—2 to 36 C13 sockets; 2 to 12 C19 sockets; and 2 to 24 of either UK45, UK135, UK90, CEE7/4, US NEMA, or CEE7/5 sockets. Power inputs can be either single or three-phase, 230V or 400V, and between 10 and 32A.


“Each strip features thermal resettable fuses, with options for circuit breakers and individually fused sockets,” the company said. “The PDU’s power input is available in top- or bottom-feed, and a variety of fly-lead lengths. Each strip is available in four colors: black, gray, blue and red.”

Separately, Cannon T4 also is releasing what it describes as “a cost-efficient strip for local smart monitoring solution. These strips feature a centrally mounted, blue LED display to allow true RMS current monitoring, and are available with the same range of mounting and socket options as Cannon T4 smart PDUs.”

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