Adva Optical Networking launches Ethernet services

Feb. 3, 2014
Network operations covered by Adva's new ESS program include staging, provisioning, project management, deployment, training and maintenance.

Adva Optical Networking has launched a new range of professional services designed to help telecommunications carriers more easily design, deploy, operate and maintain Ethernet networks. Adva says its new Ethernet Services Suite (ESS) encompasses a variety of modular customer services that cover the complete lifecycle of an Ethernet product, as delivered by the company's global team of Ethernet experts.

Network operations covered by the ESS program include staging, provisioning, project management, deployment, training and maintenance. The company says the program enables service providers to focus purely on meeting their customers' expectations, as opposed to becoming consumed with network issues including repair and troubleshooting. The program also ensures the rapid rollout of new services to meet new business opportunities and establish new revenue streams, says Adva. “Every aspect of ESS has been developed to simplify operations, to strip away complexities, to help service providers focus on their core business,” comments Phillip Needel, manager, service business development, Adva Optical Networking.

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“ESS is essentially an a la carte menu that covers the full gamut of Ethernet services," Needel continues. "It provides every service that a customer could need to plan, support, deploy and maintain their networks. What's more, with our ESS team spread across the globe, we’re able to meet even the most demanding service requirements. Products and spares can be delivered the next day. Our ESS engineers can be onsite within four hours. No one else in the industry offers the same level of service, the same comprehensive approach.”

Built around strict service level agreements, Adva notes that the ESS program's "a la carte approach" ensures customers can develop a tailored package that can scale accordingly. Commercially available now, the ESS program is expected to have a significant impact on customers' operational logistics and costing, enabling them to streamline and simplify current processes.

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“Adva Optical Networking has a deep, long term understanding of the Ethernet market,” asserts Michael Howard, co-founder and principal analyst, Infonetics Research. “Over the past decade, its team has built some of the industry's largest installed bases of Ethernet Access Devices (EAD), and in fact have more EADs installed worldwide than any other manufacturer. We expect that operators deploying EADs will be interested in ESS, since it is the most comprehensive service of its kind we’ve seen for this market.”

A supporting presentation describing Adva's new Ethernet services is available here:

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