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Attribution: By Bill Bradford (originally posted to Flickr as Wiring Room Cleanup) [CC-BY-2.0]

And behold: the project’s ‘After’ shot – the very picture of ‘what to do’ in re: good cable management. Unfortunately, the story didn’t end here. As captioned by mrbill, "Less than six months later, they closed down the entire office. D'oh!"

Here’s a bit more backstory from Mr. Bradford, written in response to complimentary comments garnered by his original Flickr posting of this tale:

"[The rack] wasn't this clean for long, sadly. By the time we shut everything down it almost looked as bad as the ‘Before’ picture. With only two guys doing IT for over a hundred people we didn't have time for nice-and-neat – [it was] just, make it work.”

Spoken like a true veteran of the cabling wars…

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