Intelligent PDUs for power-consumption reduction

Power distribution units from Siemon are available with varying degrees of monitoring and control capability.

One of several intelligent power distribution units (intelligent PDUs) recently introduced by Siemon
One of several intelligent power distribution units (intelligent PDUs) recently introduced by Siemon

A new line of intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) available from Siemon provides “the ability to distribute power to critical network equipment while providing real-time monitoring,” the company says, adding that the devices are “ideal for reducing power consumption and maximizing uptime in the data center.”

The PDUs are available with varying degrees of monitoring and control, Siemon explains, to meet specific customer needs and preferences. Among the options are metered, monitored, smart, switched and fully managed PDUs. This range of capabilities enables users to conduct “everything from simple device-level monitoring to full outlet-level monitoring, control and switching,” the company says.

The PDUs can be mounted horizontally in a standard EIA 19-inch configuration or vertically in zero-U applications. They are available with NEMA or IEC plug interfaces and with single- or three-phase voltage. Multiple available cord lengths are available, and each unit ships with comprehensive test data, Siemon notes.

Adding that the units feature “a robust, data-center quality construction,” the company says the PDUs “offer superior reliability and powerful built-in capabilities to support various sensors that monitor critical cabinet parameters like temperature, airflow and humidity.” Siemon adds that the units can be used standalone, accessed through a web browser, or they can interface with third-party software through common open networking protocols. Each networked PDU’s LCD display can be customized through the web browser to allow for local cabinet-level viewing.

Siemon’s vice president of global marketing Robert Carlson said, “With data center energy and downtime costs at an all-time high, the ability of intelligent PDUs to monitor and control power is vital for optimizing efficiency and identifying potential problems. Data center managers can easily view the status and track ongoing performance of PDUs and their devices to fully understand usage. With this vital information, they can identify high power or erratic power consumption, insufficient cooling areas and underutilized equipment, which allows them to make informed decisions and take the proper steps to reduce power consumption and quickly resolve problems to ensure uptime.”

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