Chatsworth introduces data center aisle-containment systems, services

Company offers frame-supported hot-aisle containment option as well as pre-install surveys and on-site support.

Chatsworth Products Inc.'s Frame Supported Hot Aisle Containment Solution
Chatsworth Products Inc.'s Frame Supported Hot Aisle Containment Solution

Chatsworth Products Inc. (CPI) recently introduced the Frame Supported Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) solution, as well as aisle-containment services. CPI says these introductions are the company’s “latest step toward personalizing virtually any airflow containment strategy.”

The Frame Supported HAC system features an exhaust duct that is used over a contained hot aisle as part of a closed hot-air return, CPI explains. “By supporting the duct with an independent frame that allows a mix of different cabinets to be installed within the row, this system is ideal for colocation facilities and large data centers that support cabinet-level equipment installation and changes,” the company says. “This aisle containment solution also integrates with perimeter cooling, provides immediate improved cooling efficiency, and is compatible with economization methods.”

The system was developed for large-scale cabinet deployments that require flexibility and performance, the company says, and was specifically designed to deploy airflow isolation to a broad range of cabinet sizes and manufacturers.

CPI product manager for cabinets and thermal-management systems Sam Rodriguez said, “The unique design is compatible with cabinets from most manufacturers and will support cabinet heights from 42 to 52 rack-mount units. CPI focused on the sealing performance and ease of use. The Frame Support HAC also offers a longer row length, up to 20 feet between posts, has built-in leveling adjustments in the frame, and multiple gaskets to minimize leakage.”

The Frame Supported HAC system is not CPI’s first aisle-containment solution to be brought to market. The company’s offerings in this area also include cabinet-support solutions for hot- and cold-aisle containment. The company emphasizes that while each such approach “is unique and easily adaptable to varying facility needs, all three of CPI’s aisle-containment solutions have been engineered to eliminate hot spots, support 4x higher heat and power densities, effectively use 100 percent of supplied air, improve computer room air conditioner [CRAC] unit efficiency, and allow increased room temperature and higher set-points on cooling equipment for more ‘free cooling’ hours.”

Rodriguez continued, “The Frame Support HAC will expand our capabilities to assist more data centers in implementing airflow-isolation measures that increase operating efficiencies, increase equipment densities and open up opportunities for economization.”

CPI’s Aisle Containment Services offering is meant to ensure that each aisle-containment solution is optimized to its fullest potential, the company says. Services include pre-installation site surveys and on-site installation supervision support. “Designed to help customers choose the ideal containment solution for their site and ensure that the initial installation has been assembled for optimal performance, these services are an invaluable partner for any aisle-containment solution,” the company says.

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