Report examines how the most-energy-efficient data centers do it

Oct. 17, 2012
451 Research lays out the details on 24 facilities, from front-page names like Facebook and Yahoo to some whose names are not even revealed.

The new report from 451 Research entitled “Highly Energy-Efficient Data Centers in Pracitce” gets into detail on exactly how the highlighted facilities capitalize on developments in design, energy management, cooling and new deployment approaches to improve their energy efficiency. The report “includes case studies on 24 of the world’s most highly energy-efficient data centers—some large and well-known, others smaller and more obscure,” the organization said when announcing the report’s availability. “The majority of data center profiles included in the report were Uptime Institute Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Award winners or honorees,” it continued. 451 Research and Uptime Institute are divisions of The 451 Group.

The report’s lead author, Rhonda Ascierto, is a senior analyst in 451 Research’s Data Center Technologies and Eco-Efficient IT practices. She commented, “Tightly integrating the various moving parts of a data center project, such as the parallel design of cooling and IT systems, can lead to results beyond what is possible with a piecemeal approach. In very efficient data center, we are also seeing an increased emphasis on collaboration between data center facilities and IT operations within an organization, and between organizations and their consultants and vendors.”

On Tuesday, October 30 at 11am EDT, 451 Research and Uptime Institute will host a web seminar on highly efficient data centers. Delivered as a GoToMeeting event, the seminar will include a discussion of the report’s findings and a case study from Urbacon, which was a 2012 Uptime Institute GEIT Award winner for facility design innovation. Urbacon’s founder Antonio Mancini will present.

More detailed information on the report, including the ability to download its executive summary, is located here. You can register for the web seminar here.

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