Panduit providing data center infrastructure for IBM enterprise modular platform

Panduit is provding IBM with data center infrastructure for its enterprise modular data center (EMDC) platform.

TINLEY PARK, Ill. -- Panduit, a provider of infrastructure for the data center, is partnering with IBM to bring large modular, plug and play data centers to market. The enterprise modular data center (EMDC), as coined by IBM, are large modular data centers designed in smaller, standardized modules with the capability to plug in additional capacity over time as needed, such as power and cooling. This approach enables clients to bring new, highly scalable data centers online three-to-six months sooner than a custom designed version, according to the companies.

Solutions from Panduit’s complete line of High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) products provided the LAN and SAN infrastructure for the EMDC. Panduit QuickNet pre-terminated fiber and copper solutions are an ideal fit for the unique infrastructure requirements of enterprise data center solutions such as IBM’s EMDC, where highly reliable and scalable cabling infrastructure must support high density and mission-critical network applications.

Providing up to 96 fiber and 48 copper connections in a single rack space, cassette-based QuickNet assemblies maximize the use of valuable EMDC real estate while allowing rapid, error-free installation to ensure the highest level of performance. Panduit Net-Access and new Net-SERV cabinet systems house active and passive IT assets and deliver energy efficiencies through shared thermal and cable management concepts. When deployed as an integrated solution, Panduit HSDT and cabinet systems for EMDC applications enable data center managers to optimize airflow and reduce energy costs by 25% or more.

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“In addition to industry leading cabinet systems technology, Panduit brings the unique capability to tightly integrate these cabinet systems with cabling, cable management, pathways, active devices, and related accessories, helping customers conserve valuable data center real estate while managing extreme heat loads and optimizing power and cooling efficiencies,” said Jack Tison, Panduit CTO. “Working on the IBM EMDC initiative allows us to apply our high speed data transport, integrated cabinet systems, and software expertise to optimize the IBM platform and promote scalable, sustainable UPI-based data center design practices for these critical applications.”

“Panduit and IBM share a similar vision to help organizations optimize their power, cooling, and space needs within the data center environment,” said Vineeth Ram, Panduit VP of Global Strategic Marketing. “By supporting IBM’s family of data center solutions, such as EMDC, with our own UPI-based solutions that optimize the physical infrastructure, together we can make that vision a reality.”

“More than 60% of CIOs around the world are expecting significant change brought by soaring data volumes, increasingly complex analyses and ever larger populations of users,” said Steven Sams, IBM VP of Global Site and Facilities Services. “With today’s announcements IBM and partners like Panduit demonstrate our ability to lead data center innovation to meet changing requirements with a very flexible plug and play approach, allowing data center capabilities to be added – and paid for – when and where they are needed.”

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