Seminar to explore 'creative concepts for increasing data center efficiency'

Upcoming Data Center Alliance event aims to provide a single source of information addressing today's most difficult data center challenges.

Further helping data center managers fill the information gap and eliminate information overload in today's data center, The Data Center Alliance (DCA) has announced Winds of Change: Creative Concepts for Increasing Data Center Efficiency, the latest in a series of seminars aimed at data center managers.

Being held October 25th at the Washington Dulles Airport Marriot, in Washington, DC, the event is aimed at helping data center managers better understand such issues as data operations efficiency, data center energy, power management, and data center infrastructure and informatiion management.

The event will feature a range of senior executives from Eaton/Wright Line, FieldView Solutions, Minicom, Power Distribution, Inc. and Server Technology. Keynote speakers will include RJ Meyers, Energy Star: "Promoting Energy Efficiency in Data Centers," and Herb Villa, "Review of the new ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines and What They Mean To You."

"Today's data center managers are being inundated with new information. At a certain point, this information becomes just noise," said David Zucker, Executive Director, The Data Center Alliance. "We formed The Data Center Alliance to help companies cut through the information clutter and get the data necessary to build and operate more efficient data centers. Our seminar series -- and our newest event specifically -- is key to making this happen."

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