UK's CNet Training debuts govt. funded apprenticeship for network cable installation

June 25, 2019
CNet's Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) level 3 Apprenticeship is designed for those wishing to demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skills and expertise in network cabling infrastructures.

CNet Training (London, UK) announced that it is the first company to launch an apprenticeship within the network cable infrastructure sector across England and Wales. The company has fully planned and prepared the content of its new CNCI Apprenticeship, which provides the apprentice and employer with a full itinerary of activities to follow and implement.

CNet has coined the concept of an "Apprenticeship in a Box," designed to take care of the time-consuming planning often associated with apprenticeships and on-going professional development. "The CNCI Apprenticeship has been put together as the result of a close collaboration between major companies from the network cabling sector," says CNet. "It recognizes network cable installation as a role and provides industry approved certification which standardizes technical education for network cable installers. CNet is committed to the network cable installation sector and is looking to encourage more people to join the sector and inspire future career goals."

The apprenticeship program is available to all across England and Wales, whereby the apprentice will benefit from on and off-the-job training and activities such as mentoring, shadowing, internal training and specialist external education programs. The apprenticeship will take between 12-15 months to complete. Apprentices must pass a practical assessment and professional discussion to successfully complete the CNCI Apprenticeship, which ensures that the learner is fully competent and ready to work independently within the industry.

CNet contends that, with a team of professionally trained and CNCI certified individuals, risks for businesses are significantly reduced, and organizations can feel confident that their staff are competent to meet today's industry demands. On successful completion of the apprenticeship program, learners will be able to confidently install, test and certify copper and fiber-optic cable installation across a variety of environments, working to the correct standards and best practices.

Learners will also be taught how to install with confidence and competency smart building technology including wireless access devices, CCTV cameras, door access controls and biometric security systems. Apprentices will also experience a wide variety of work spaces including potentially hazardous areas such as building sites, railways and highways. They will also be taught how to interpret detailed project plans to construct and fix network equipment cabinets, prepare cable pathways, and install cable support and containment systems.

Andrew Stevens, CNet Training’s CEO comments, “The network cable infrastructure sector is beset with significant skills shortages. The Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) Apprenticeship has been long awaited and is a significant event within the sector. The CNet team has worked incredibly hard to get this off the ground and approved. It’s a massive step forward in the sector and I hope by offering this ‘Apprenticeship in a Box’ concept it will motivate companies looking for new junior recruits to train as everything is ready for the learners to just get going and start learning straight away."

Per CNet Training, "The Apprenticeship is hugely beneficial as not only does it teach highly technical industry skills, but the learner will also gain a large variety of transferable skills that are valuable across any career going forward. This includes time-keeping, communication and organization, customer service as well as how to participate in a variety of work environments, learning how to prioritize projects, work with a variety of people and to take responsibility and ownership of work."

"The opportunities for career progression within the network cable sector are strong," adds the trainer. "Being CNCI-certified opens opportunities to venture into more specific areas of technology or other specialist areas. Individuals may choose to expand their knowledge and skills into wireless or more integrated technology installation, or progress to become a site manager or sought-after network infrastructure designer or enter the essential data center sector as a technician."

CNet's CEO Stevens concludes, "The Apprenticeship will inspire a generation and encourage them into the sector by offering a career opportunity following school education. A benefit of the Apprenticeship is that it will ensure that all learners are trained, educated and certified properly from day one and therefore gives them a great starting point to a great career in the sector.”

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