Loads of cable fail: Photos

Fiber-optic cables aren't meant to support THAT kind of "load-balancing."

Heavy Load 1491553 960 720

Welcome to our periodic round-up of the goofiest ICT cabling job site photos, as glimpsed on social media at Reddit's photo sub-community devoted to 'Cablefail'.

This dunce cap IT squad had to know that fiber-optic cables aren't meant to support THAT kind of "load-balancing"...and yet...

Loads1Reddit"Load-bearing fiber." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]: suburbanite09

Loads2Reddit"Might need help finding that 'free' port." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP: bestbackwards

Load3Reddit"More complaining about edge cabinets." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP: bestbackwards

Loads4Reddit"Fire alarm service call landed me in the belly of this beast." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP: phrankygee

Load5Reddit"Let's party." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP: bigjuanjon

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