Cree adds Synapse controls for outdoor and industrial intelligent lighting

Nov. 6, 2019
Cree Lighting announced the availability of the Synapse SimplySNAP intelligent lighting controls for Cree's OSQ Series area, IG Series parking structure, and KBL Series high-bay luminaires.

Cree Lighting announced the availability of the Synapse SimplySNAP intelligent lighting controls for Cree's OSQ Series area, IG Series parking structure, and KBL Series high-bay luminaires. Cree Lighting says these luminaires are designed to overcome the challenges of outdoor and industrial environments to provide maximum energy savings, responsive illumination, and a better user experience.

“More and more customers are looking for intuitive, intelligent lighting solutions,” commented Tom Hinds, director, intelligent lighting, Cree Lighting. “Cree Lighting’s area, parking and high-bay luminaires enabled with SimplySNAP deliver just that for outdoor and industrial applications and are a great complement to Cree Lighting’s SmartCast Intelligence Platform for indoor applications including office, education, and healthcare.” 

As noted by Cree, controlling traditional outdoor and industrial fixtures using fluorescent, high-pressure sodium and metal halide lighting has historically been a challenge. "Control schemes for these traditional lighting solutions are very complex, expensive, inefficient, and often result in shortened lamp life or just aren’t practical," adds a company statement, which continues, "Furthermore, many control schemes are installed in the field without any testing for interoperability between drivers and components or wireless performance. Intelligently enabled Cree Lighting LED luminaires solve all those problems. The system uses a reliable, secure, and robust wireless mesh network that has been extensively vetted and rigorously tested for interoperability and performance. It is truly scalable with the ability to integrate with a variety of third-party building management systems (BMS) and platforms. In the end, customers have the confidence of an extensively tested, single-source solution that empowers end users to commission, maintain and adjust the system themselves." 

With the addition of the Synapse SimplySNAP product for the Cree luminaires, specifying, installing, using and securing outdoor or industrial lighting controls is now significantly streamlined. According to Cree, "The intelligent lighting solution provides simple, stand-alone functionality right out of the box and can be setup on-site or remotely. The user interface is simple to navigate, mobile-friendly and browser-based. Meanwhile, an internet connection, costly integration or third-party hardware or software are not required. Once the system is set up, users have the flexibility to control light levels, utilize motion and ambient light sensors, and set event triggers via programmable schedules for both individual luminaires and designated zones. The entire lighting network can also be managed and reconfigured with ease." 

Users can manage the system through a web-based user interface via Ethernet or wireless connection to a PC, tablet or smartphone to access data on power, zones, triggers and alarms, and critical events for analytics, maintenance and troubleshooting. A 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi mesh network connects up to 1,000 luminaires to a site controller up to a mile away and is future-ready, scalable and integrable. All functionality is wrapped in a secure, commercial-grade industry-standard AES 128-bit encrypted network for heightened cybersecurity.

“Cree Lighting luminaires enabled with SimplySNAP are a secure end-to-end system that is simple to install, easily customized, and comes with stand-alone functionality that scales to campus-wide deployments,” concludes Cree's Hinds.

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