CABLExpress unveils zClip harness for easier installation of IBM z15 system cabling

Feb. 27, 2020
CABLExpress says its zClip makes cabling up the IBM z15 system faster and less tedious.

CABLExpress, a division of CXtec, has announced its innovative zClip harness solution to cable the IBM z15 system. The zClip's patent-pending design quickly connects to the spine bar of the z15 system's mainframe, allowing precise positioning of CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk harness fiber cable assemblies.

"Cabling the IBM z15 isn't easy because it leaves little room to route cables inside the cabinet," notes Lisa Ross, vice president/general manager of CABLExpress. She continues, "We designed our zClip to mount to the spine bar of the z15 and easily connect cabling to the mainframe from either under the floor or from overhead."

Per a CABLExpress statement, "The zClip makes cabling up the z15 system faster and less tedious. Compared to connecting individual jumpers to the individual ports and destinations in the z15 system, the zClip and harness system reduces connection points by more than 37%."

"The combination of the zClip and harnesses result in a mainframe that has easier access to IO drawers, with a faster installation, less cable clutter, and a very clean look," observes Ross. "It allows for optimal performance, greater airflow, and an overall more convenient experience cabling an IBM z15 system."

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