Aesthetically elegant cable tray hides cables within open ceilings

March 6, 2020
MonoSystems' expandable J-Hook System allows an ICT designer or installer to easily add additional pathways.

MonoSystems, Inc. (Rye Brook, NY), a North American manufacturer of wire management products, recently announced its J-Tray, designed as a continuous pathway that installs using the company's patented, "infinitely-linkable" J-Hook System. With a focus on design aesthetics, the J-Tray pathway offers an array of fittings and is available in mill-finish aluminum, or may be painted to customers’ color choice. An optional cover is also available.

The UL listed J-Tray is the latest in a series of innovations offered by MonoSystems. The tray installs using the company's patented, award-winning linkable J-Hook System. The J-Hook System allows the ICT designer or installer to easily add additional pathways, making it expandable.

MonoSystems says the new J-Tray "follows the lineage of the J-Hook System, going from the 2” inch cable support of the J-Hook itself, to the [series'] Cable Support Extender which offers 12” inches of support, and then to the continuous pathway of the J-Tray."

The system's tiers may be color-coded to help with pathway ID. Product applications include high-performance communications cabling, security, Voice over IP, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and fiber-optic cabling. The J-Tray is also billed as a "perfect alternative to armored Cat 6a [cabling] for emergency-lighting PoE cables."

“J-Tray offers a solution that is often missing from other manufacturers’ offerings," contends Mark Ross, director of marketing for MonoSystems. "It offers a lower material costs, less labor, installation flexibility, and best possible support for high-performance cables. It offers ease of installation, but fits in tight spaces, and can be used to easily identify a pathway, and allows one to add another run by simply snapping in J-Hooks and adding the J-Tray parts in the hooks," Ross added.

The MonoSystems J-Tray was introduced last month at the BICSI 2020 Winter Conference and Exhibition in Tampa, FL "to enormous praise," reports the company.

“The BICSI show was a huge success for this product introduction,” says Jordan Handler, president of MonoSystems. "Many conference attendees came up to our booth to see the J-Tray because they heard about it on the floor of the show or on various online media. The product has already been specified by many system designers."

To learn more about the J-Tray, contact Mark Ross at 888.764.7681 or email, [email protected], or visit

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