Klein Tools intros 20-ft. Glow Fish Tape

Dec. 21, 2020
New glow tape and tip can easily charge through the tool's clear case.

Klein Tools has introduced its 20-Foot Glow Fish Tape (Cat. No. 50550), the company's first fully glow-in-the-dark fish tape, which provides a bright glow for use in low light.

“Our goal in designing the glow fish tape was to build a unique product that could not only fill the need for a fiberglass fish tape but also help to make working in low light situations easier,” says Dan Pearson, product manager at Klein Tools.  

The glow-in-the-dark, 20-foot fiberglass fish tape and nylon tip comes in a clear housing that allows the glow material to charge in the case.

Fully removable from its case for more versatile applications such as pass-through wire feeding and high-flex glow rod use, the tape's anchoring end utilizes a stainless steel connector that is compatible with Klein Fish Rod attachments (Cat. No. 56511). 

An alignment mark on case makes for easy re-installation of the tape into the housing. The tape's durable case and handle offer superior impact resistance.

“This glow tape and tip can easily charge through the clear case, and the tape can also function as a super-flex glow rod by removing the tape from the case for wall cavity, drop ceiling, and conduit one-way pass-through feeding,” concludes Klein Tools' Pearson. 

The tape is made in the USA; with patent pending. For more information, visit www.kleintools.com/new-products.

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