CNet Training celebrates 25th anniversary

Jan. 20, 2021
Technical education provider has delivered in-person and remote instruction to more than 70,000 professionals worldwide.
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In 2021 CNet Training celebrates its 25th anniversary as a provider of technical education for data center and network infrastructure professionals. “For 25 years, CNet has been committed to delivering high-quality and professional technical education programs to individuals and businesses across the globe,” the company said. “CNet remains the only industry dedicated technical education provider in the world to award both industry-recognized qualifications and official certifications.”

Over the past 25 years, CNet has educated more than 70,000 individuals in 45 countries, serving 153 different nationalities in 218 delivery locations in 19 time zones. “These delivery locations span the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and Africa,” the company added. “All of CNet’s programs are delivered by CNet’s expert instructor team who are all full-time employees based across the globe and have combined over 300 years of firsthand experience—providing learners with access to some of the most respected and technical minds in the data center and network infrastructure industry.”

The logo that appears on this page was developed in commemoration of CNet’s 25th anniversary.

CNet originated the Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, which “provides designations that have become key skills reference points that allow those holding them to demonstrate their ability and experience,” the firm said.

Originally established to focus on training military personnel on internal and external copper and fiber cable installation, CNet expanded widely; in 2017 it launched live instructor-led remote attendance capability, anticipating a need to operate in a more sustainable and environmentally sensitive way. “Remote attendance has allowed learning to continue throughout a global pandemic and make learning even more accessible across the world,” CNet pointed out. “Learners can now select the best time to attend a program from a wide variety of time zones available across the globe if, for example, individuals work night shifts or are unable to study during their standard time zones due to other work or life commitments.” The company has racked up numerous awards, beginning with the Network Industry Award for Training Company of the Year in 1998. It counts 22 industry and recognition awards among its achievements, and has been awarded the Defence Employment Recognition Silver Award, which recognizes CNet’s ongoing work to support the Armed Forces community over the past 25 years.

President and chief executive officer Andrew Stevens joined CNet in 1998 and is described as the driving force and a key voice in the industry on the importance of education. Stevens has stated his desire to leave a legacy and make the industry a better place for all, and stated his commitment to increasing awareness of the digital infrastructure industry to provide clear pathways for people to enter the industry.

“Companies don’t last 25 years without a lot of hard work and a dedicated team,” Stevens said. “I’m grateful to have such a talented and passionate team, many of whom have worked for the company for a long time and all are driven to help CNet succeed and remain the global leader of technical education for the digital infrastructure industry. We have fantastic relationships with our customers, industry associations and media contacts across the world, many of whom we think of as close friends and we wouldn’t be where we are without them. I love leading the CNet team and seeing all that we have achieved over the years. We have created a fantastic educational framework that I’m immensely proud of and we never want to stand still. We are always striving to do more, and we have a lot of exciting things coming over the next couple of years, so watch this space.”

In addition to celebrating its 25th year in operation, CNet Training also celebrates the 5th anniversary of its Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management this year. “Over the last 5 years, data professionals from some of the world’s leading organizations have obtained the highest level leadership and management education program tailored to the data center sector and joined a global elite group of data center professionals,” CNet said.

The company further stated it has plans to expand its technical offering, adding more programs to its education framework and working alongside the industry and organizations to create further technical apprenticeships for the network infrastructure sector. “This will help to encourage more people into the industry and work as an industry to tackle the ongoing skills shortage, and make it a more-inclusive workplace,” CNet concluded.

The company invites industry professionals to share in the 25th anniversary celebration by visiting this page and leaving comments about your experiences with CNet Training.

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